I Wanna Riot

by thoughtsonthedead

No one ever wins in a Clash song: their point is the inherent worthiness of the fight. The beauty in the loss. Time wins every time, Joe and Mick tell us, and we will be lied to along the way. You can fight the law all you want, but the law is gonna win.

Eventually, anyway. You’re just a man, and you’ll be outlasted.

But you can still say “no.” You can still shout “Fuck you” until your throat shreds. You can still build a wall out of cannonballs and middle fingers and assorted teenage rebellions. You can still wag your cock at the cops and the banks and the boss and the teacher and all those corrupt grownups.

Piss on them all, turn up your guitar, start a band. Fuck this sterile world we’ve made and long live Joe fucking Strummer.