Big Enough Rock

by thoughtsonthedead

The Big Rock Powwow could be called South Florida’s attempt to have themselves a Woodstock, except that this festival happened three months before Woodstock. Time Sheath explanations are probably not correct: apparently, someone in Florida had an original thought. Shocking.

There’s not much about the festival on the innertubes, and I googled it almost twice, so I feel assured that I am correct in whatever the hell I am saying. There’s a handbill:

big rock powwow handbill
You could get your tickets at any Slak Shak for just five bucks, which comes out to $31 today, so you almost couldn’t afford to miss this show: this is some serious value for your South Florida Hippie Dollar.

There’s also a poster:

big rock powwow posterA few questions:

  • Did the Dead hear Darkness, Darkness by the Youngbloods at this show, only to turn it into the rarely-spotted Darkness Jam ?
  • Was there one record store in South Florida that didn’t spell their name wrong on purpose?
  • Did Edgar Winter frighten Bobby?
  • Rhinoceros?
  • Really?
  • That was the best name you could think up?
  • Is the water muddy, or is the water sweet?
  • Did Joe South not have anywhere else to go?