A History Of Mustaches (German)

by thoughtsonthedead

I have to think that history class at a German high school is more depressing than one in an American high school, if only for the fact that I have been led to believe that Germans teach what actually happened instead of presenting “God said America goes all the way to the Pacific” as a coherent narrative.

“Jenkins, tell those Injuns to get the hell out of the way. God said this was our land.”

“Right, Sarge, but they say God said it was theirs.”

“Oh. Whose God gave them machine guns?”

“Ours, Sarge.”

“That means our God is right.”

“Always has.”

Anyway, an Enthusiast from Germany (that would be a ChoogleLieber, in the local tongue) named Uli Tente (which is an awesomely German name) sets the record straight: the pics from yesterday were not from the Big Rock Powwow, but from the Aztec Bowl, which is in San Diego. In my defense, San Diego and Florida–though separated geographically–are the same thing.

Uli has also put together an overview of the short-lived mustache/hockey sweater look and I’ve saved it here: Mr_Mustache.

We may not know what the future holds, but we know when Garcia had a mustache; some days that’s enough.