Pow! Wow…

by thoughtsonthedead

billy hollywood powwow
The performances from both nights of the Big Rock Powwow–the 23rd (which is in the video in the previous post) and the 24th of May, 1969— were collected on Road Trips: Vol 4, Number 1, but since the release came out years ago and fetches stupid prices on the collector’s market, I don’t have any compunctions against linking to both nights so you can listen to some prime Baby Dead for free.

The release is a bit hindered by the sequencing: the first evening ends with a rousing, half-hour Lovelight; the second night’s set opens with a rousing, half-hour Lovelight. No one needs 57 minutes and 21 seconds of Lovelight. (I did math for you people.)

I would advise choosing one or the other, or do what I have done, which is listen to both nights all the way through, but omitting one or the other Lovelight: it truly does not matter which one.

Dark Star could be 50 minutes, Scarlet>Begonias might last 40, and both Playing and The Other One regularly filled out a half-hour: Lovelight really only needed 15 minutes. Anything over that was screwing around.

Also: Billy’s mustache wants to play you in a game of pool; it will lose the first few games and then offer to raise the stakes so he could get even. This is a trap, and you should never gamble with a mustache that brings his own cue to the pool hall.

Also also: Billy’s shirt was not made by his usual leisure-clothier, Tampa Ray’s Afternoon Drinking Shirts, nor his backup purveyor of terrible garments, Sammy Miami’s Shirtings for the Indolent, but by both of these men’s mentors, Sara Sota’s Aggressively Casual Wear.