A Study In Scarlet

by thoughtsonthedead

Why has there been no scholarly attention paid to the state of Garcia’s facial hair and its relation to the jams? Were the jams, in fact, hairier when Garcia was, or did the music and his face vary inversely in hirsuteness? What predicated the shavening? Did Mountain Girl throw him out again? Seems like that might lead a man to cut his hair in a dramatic fashion.

We need dates, people. What the fuck are those slackards at Deadbase doing if there’s not an educated and sourced reckoning of Garcia’s beard/mustache/muttonchops? I think we can narrow it down to weeks, or even days: it probably took Bobby the whole summer to grow that shitty ’77 beard, but Garcia could most likely raise himself a decent beard in a long weekend. From the neck up, Garcia was at least a quarter wolfman. (From the neck down, Garcia was strangely hairless; like a Brazilian dolphin.)

jerry mustache powwowFrom the Comment Section: this is most definitely Florida–the Powwow show that got released as one of the sorely-missed Road Trip series. You can listen to it, if you’d like.