A Long Time Ago, In A Holiday Inn Far, Far Away

by thoughtsonthedead

“Jer? You still awake?”

“Sure, Bob.”

“Good movie, huh?”

“It was a blast. Gotta see that again.”

“What was your favorite part? I bet you liked the scene in the bar with all those crazy aliens.”

“I did, man! That was cool: cats from all over the galaxy having a drink together, listening to some music.”

“I think we played that place.”

“Yeah, man, yeah. The guy with the ass for a mouth was the manager.”

“Jer, do you think I look more like Luke or Hans?”



“Han. Han Solo.”

“Not Hans Olo?”

“He wasn’t Danish.”

“Yeah, sure. Anyway: which one?”

“Which one had the butt-chin?”


“You look like him.”

“Cool. We’re kinda like Han and Chewie, though, right?”

“Excuse me?”

“Well, you know, Jer: I’m a dashing rogue given to mischief and adventure, and you’re usually in the vicinity and hairy as fuck.”

“I’m going to sleep, Weir.”

“You don’t want to talk?”

“I did want to talk, but then you started talking, and now I don’t want to talk anymore.”


“Why are we sharing a hotel room, anyway? It’s 1977.”

“Got me. Just go with it.”

“May the Force–”

“Shut the fuck up, Bob.”

“–be with you. Aw.”