Walton, Family, Reunion

by thoughtsonthedead

trixie bill walton donna


“No, it’s me. Bill Walton.”

Oh, thank God. I thought someone had shaved a Wookiee.

“No, this is how I look. Y’know, I auditioned for that part, Chewie, for the original film.”

Really? Why didn’t you get it?

“Shattered my left tibia putting on the costume.”

You truly were hampered by injuries.

“I’m more machine than man, now.”

Sure. Mrs. Donna Jean, you look lovely.

“A woman’s beauty is God’s gift to the world.”

What about ugly women?

“They are the Devil’s bear trap.”

Good talk. Hi, Trix–

“Restraining order says you can’t have conversations with photographs of me.”

Seems kind of meta to put in a legal document.

“And, yet: here we are.”