Tribes Within Tribes, Man

by thoughtsonthedead

deadhead comic2

deadhead comic
Now, I may or may not agree (or just want to agree) with the “bubble of the Sixties” thing, but I like the way this guy draws skeleton faces, so I forgave any faults I might have with the text.

Also, the artist–a guy named Kristian B. Kirk whose work can be seen here–is from Denmark, and his English is better than my whatever-the-hell-Denmarkians-speak. Danish? Is that a language? It’s a pastry, but is it a language?

Pss pss pss.

I have been informed that Danish is a language. Congratulations, Danish. Also, your dogs are better than good.

The one thing that stood out to me was the lack of a name for gay Deadheads. Enthusiasts who started out on burgundy, but soon began to hit the harder stuff could–and still can–enjoy shows with their brothers and sisters in sobriety as a Wharf Rat. Jews for Jerry had alliteration going for it, at the least; Deafheads was punchy and to the point.

Gay Deadheads?


“Yeah, Jenkins?”

“As gay Deadheads, I feel that my experience is slightly different from the majority of the crowd; I’d like to share it with my compatriots, and also meet cute hairy guys.”

“Okay. A group for gay Deadheads. What are you gonna call it?”

” I was thinking ‘gay Deadheads.'”

“Jenkins, are you sure you’re gay?”

“Gay as you are, Sarge.”

“That’s pretty gay.”

“You’re telling me.”

“Anyway, Jenkins: let’s not go with our first idea, especially when it’s yours.”


Anyway, this brings up a question: was there any sort of official (well, you know: official by the rules of the parking lot) gathering of LGBTDH’s? And if there was, they surely must have had a better name than “gay Deadheads.” Andy Cohen was a gay Deadhead and he came up with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and no matter what your thoughts on that show, it’s a good name.

Possible Names for the Gay Deadhead Club:

  • Gaying in the Band.
  • The Handsome Cabin Boys.

Stop this immediately.