Not On The List

by thoughtsonthedead

In response to newly-elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meeting Syrian refugees at the airport to welcome them on behalf of his nation, Donald Trump walked out onto Fifth Avenue, hailed a cab, and punched the driver in the face. (Guy was Egyptian and had been here seventeen years.)

As you might know, TotD likes to stay both abreast and ahead of politics. Thus–anticipating Trump’s call next week to ban Swedes from the country citing a troublesome Volvo he once owned–I figure it will be easier to list Groups Donald Trump Will Allow To Immigrate To America:

  • Winners.
  • Class acts.
  • If you tell the pilot where the plane is going, then you can come to America without a problem; if the pilot tell you where the plane is going, then there will be paperwork.
  • Industrialists.
  • Magnates.
  • Tycoons.
  • Financiers.
  • Speculators.
  • Investors.
  • Venture Capitalists.
  • Arms dealers.
  • Men that can recognize power, and women that can reward that power.
  • Snazzy dressers.
  • Australians, but they have to wear shoes like human beings.
  • Brazil?
  • Venezuela?
  • Maybe Argentina, I don’t know: wherever Tom Brady’s wife is from, they can come here.
  • White people.
  • Well, not all of them.
  • The good white people.

Everyone else needs to consider seeking a better life somewhere else.