One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

by thoughtsonthedead

pig ladies north face 66Jack Nicholson, back in his prime, had two kinds of cocaine at his house: downstairs coke, which was fine and available in sugar bowls on the table for anyone to enjoy; and upstairs coke, which was the good stuff.

Lost Live Dead is the upstairs coke.

This picture comes from a post way back in 2009 about the Dead’s ’66 gig at the original North Face store in San Francisco. North Face was hip at the time, and so were the Dead, and they rubbed their hipness on one another for a while on Halloween day. Neither recording nor set list exist (obviously), but we do have this shot, in which three women with astonishingly impressive last names stand next to Pigpen, who has no last name at all.

Also, women used to take more of their husbands’ names back in the day. How greedy.