Nashville, Eyeline

by thoughtsonthedead

Nashville, also known as Young Branson, is a world-class city (as long as you consider Tennessee the whole world). On December 16th, 1978, the Dead played there and unleashed one of the huge and heavy Other Ones common to the era. There is a Stagger Lee and a ripping Samson, plus one of only mumblemumble performances of Mrs. Donna Jean’s From the Heart Of Me, which has a pretty melody that she sang well.

Observant Enthusiasts will note that this is an AUD, but it’s a great one–a so-called FOB*–and you know how picky I am. 

After the show, the band stopped at one of the four Country music award ceremonies being conducted that night.

*Front Of Board, which means the mic was right in front of the soundboard in the middle of the audience. This is the acoustic sweet spot; it tends to annoy the people doing the sound, which is why the Taper’s Section was officially located behind the board.