by thoughtsonthedead

IMG_2881Hey, Garcia.

“Oh, hey, man. You’re not sending me to the Mountain Planet of Tandoori or anything, are you? I got errands to run.”

The Star Wars thing? Yeah, I’m just excited for the new movie.

“How’d that work out for ya last time?”

What last time? The last Star War that came out was Return of the Jedi in 1983. There have been no Wars fought in the Stars since then.

“Ah. Taking control back of reality, I see.”

Call it what you will.


I have some questions.


Is that a rental or did Beemers look that cheap in the 90’s? Is there ash everywhere? Why is the rear-view pointed at you? Holy shit, are you smoking with the damn window rolled up? Is that a tiny car or were you secretly an NFL lineman? How those shorts treating you? Are you coming from Big-Dicked Sheila’s? Where do you not smoke? Can we stop and get tacos?


“Get out.”