Dick Pic

by thoughtsonthedead

dick latvala tapes bwHey, Dick Latvala.

“Ah, shit: it’s you again. Little cocksucker. Whaddya want?”

Just checking in. Wanted to say Merry Christmas.

“Yeah, yeah. Happy Harmonica.”

Close enough. What did you ask Santa for?

“Clothing with Dead bullshit all over it.”

Can’t you just steal that stuff from the office?

“I want one of them elven cocksuckers to sew it for me. Makes it special.”

Sure. You see the box set that came out this year? 30 Trips?


It was retrospective! It was career-spanning!

“Was there anything in there from the 80’s or 90’s?”

Quite a bit, yeah.

“Then it was crap.”

Some of those shows–


–were great and many Deadheads have–


–fond memories of those shows and…you’re the worst.

“I’ve been told.”

You’re the King of Picky Deadheads.

“Hell, I made a living out of it for a while.”