by thoughtsonthedead

There were a lot of good suggestions for BEST EVAR, and sadly only all of them could be BEST EVAR. This last one comes from a Mild-Mannered Enthusiast and has been picked because it’s from Rutgers in my home state of New Jersey.

Scarlet Begonias and Fire on the Mountain are in that special class of partnerships: true equality between peers. Neither song is Sherlock, nor is the other Watson. Scarlet and Fire are like Laurel and Hardy, but not Abbot and Costello: Abbot was the straight man and Costello got the laughs, whereas both Laurel and Hardy alternated doing dumb shit.

And it is at this point that I confess that I have not one more word in me about these two relatively simple ditties and turn the reins over to a child.

Swaggie Maggie’s Thoughts On The 5/15/81 Scarlet>Fire

  • Garcia sounds weird.
  • Is that because of drugs?
  • I hope my mom doesn’t get mad that I am BLASTING THIS SHIT.
  • Drums a little tight.
  • I should interject at this point to mention that I have no idea what that last one meant.
  • Feel like they could be a little slower.
  • I should again interject to mention that she is wrong.
  • Liking Brent more and more.
  • Just when he doesn’t sing.
  • PHIL.
  • phil pleez
  • Digging Garcia.
  • He’s doing great.
  • I’d be spinning if I were there.
  • I now interject to congratulate Swaggie Maggie on her use of the conditional tense, but as to the spinning: NOOOOOOOOOO.
  • You know what?
  • This is really good.
  • I like how you know it’s the Dead just from the drums.
  • Brent keeps it moving.
  • Good transition.
  • It doesn’t even sound like a Scarlet>Fire and I LOVE THAT IT IS AWESOME.
  • BRENT.
  • I like Brent now but not when he sings.
  • Hmm.
  • Garcia needs to be more plucky and woppy.
  • Onomatopoeia.
  • This is pretty all right for a S>F, gotta say.
  • It should be noted that at this point Swaggie Maggie began a lengthy and impressive diatribe about the perils of comparison. Not kidding: she brought up Jackson Pollock and Dixieland jazz. The kids are all right.

This concludes Scarlet>Fire Appreciation Day here at TotD, mostly because if you do this two days in a row, then men in white coats come and get you. If I didn’t get to your suggestion, it’s because you were bad as a child. If I did get to your suggestion, then donations of cash and/or narcotics are expected.