Wake Me When This September Jam Ends

by thoughtsonthedead

Garcia calls the begonias “colored” in the 9/1/79 Scarlet>Fire, but then makes up for it by proclaiming that some of his best friends are begonias and that he once marched with Dr. Martin Luther Begonia.


Despite Garcia’s lyrical fumblings, he leads this one and completely ignores Phil trying to start Fire on the Mountain, extending a middle finger made out of 32nd notes and taking the jam into a soft and delicate place. (As soft and delicate as you can get with a Hammond B-3 and two drummers, anyway.) You can see the off-ramp disappearing in the rearview mirror and then all of a sudden, there it is: Phil’s bouncy stair-step riff.

This one comes from Spencer and it is officially the BEST EVAR Scarlet>Fire.