The Betrayal Of Familiarity

by thoughtsonthedead

I now am forced to stop this website, pull over to the side of the innertubes, and have a talk with all of you.

An Enthusiast named Tom Moreno has recommended the Scarlet>Fire from 6/16/85 and in his comment mentioned that this rendition is from his first ever Dead tape.

I understand the pull of nostalgia. One of my favorite shows is 4/29/71: I know every note to that show and almost all of those notes are out of tune; any Enthusiast would be well within his or her rights to mock the show, but it would hurt my feelings. Thus, I will not make fun of this Scarlet>Fire. I will not say that it sounds as though the musicians had never met before. I will not say that.

We are looking for BEST EVAR here, Enthusiasts! I want everyone who has submitted an S>F to rethink their choice and ask themselves these questions:

  • Was this my first Scarlet>Fire?
  • Did they play this Scarlet>Fire at my first show?
  • Is it an ’85?

If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, give your suggestion another look.

(This is not a bad Scarlet>Fire at all, especially with Brent killing it on the Fender Rhodes. Go listen.)