Pickled Ginger

by thoughtsonthedead

This interstitial is brought to us by Buck Mulligan, who is truly winning the Comment Section Game. (I’ll just be honest: none of you are even trying, if compared to him.) I mentioned the Copps show being marred by the dreaded Dear Mr. Fantasy>Hey Jude, when he came through with the fatty recommendation: Wilson Pickett, Duane Allman, and a bunch of Muscle Shoals killers doing the Beatles tune.

I don’t know if Wilson Pickett screamed better than James Brown, but you could make a solid argument; there’s not too many singers you can say that about. McCartney stole the chords from Bach, but the Wicked Mr. Pickett and Duane Allman turn this one into an American lullaby.

The horns play a line after the verses–it’s very famous, you know the riff–and I don’t know enough about music to know what exactly they did, but they did something and now instead of Carnaby Street, it is Bourbon Street and this is very wonderful music.

Listen to this one on your headphones, and very loud, and five or six times.