First Jam That Comes To Mind

by thoughtsonthedead

Augwest386 went with a Scarlet>Fire from a great show, 3/10/81 from MSG, and I played word association.

  • Springy.
  • Boingy.
  • Sproingy.
  • A certain degree of choogle.
  • England, then the Carribean.
  • A pint, and then a Mai-Tai.
  • Tittyfucking in both locations, obviously.
  • Magnificent work from Brent.
  • Magnifibrent.
  • If Brent were a superhero, that could be his name, but it would be a terrible choice because it is not easy to pronounce.
  • Imagine if you were a non-native English speaker: you could not say “Magnifibrent” and then you would be unable to call for help if attacked by a super-villain, or a tiger.
  • Sometimes during Scarlet>Fire, Garcia will let Bobby solo a little.
  • This is not one of those times.
  • Garcia is either soloing or singing; there is no third option.
  • Occasionally, Brent will be allowed to solo, but Garcia does not stop soloing; he just solos a little quieter for a while.
  • Most of the time, though, Garcia solos as loudly as humanly possible, bringing the band to an enormous peak around fourteen minutes in.
  • TotD officially declares this the BEST EVAR Scarlet>Fire.