by thoughtsonthedead

bobby computer“So, the place is called Reddit, and it’s just a marvel. Anything you could want. There’s boobies–more than I’ve ever seen and I’m a rock star, so that’s a lot–and there are cats and an awful lot of entitled little shits correcting one another.

“Oh, and SJWs. I have no idea what those are, but they’re bad. Or maybe the people that use that initialism are bad, either one: it’s the internet, so someone’s the worst person in the world.

“I’m subscribed to Celebrity Armpits, which is pictures of lady stars’ armpits. The title does not lie. This is a collection that exists and I have the option of being notified every time it is added to. How about that? That’s what humanity has accomplished.”

“They were sold to me–”

“As a lengthy short, Bob. You’ve mentioned.”

“–as a lengthy short…I have?”


“As long as you’re aware.”