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jerry bobby mickey ramblerCorry342 has mentioned the inexplicability–

Not a word.

–of the 11/17/78 Acoustic Dead (most of ’em, anyway) show at the Loyola College Rambler Room. It was an afternoon show attended–as my ACTUAL RESEARCH shows–by around 75 people.

Reading comments on the Archive is not research.

The other comments on the Archive (and you know how I feel about comment boards that I don’t control with an iron fist, but most of the folks on there seem like good eggs) point to a charity aspect to this show, and the “Hunger Week” banner behind the Dead That Bothered To Show Up backs up that story.

Does this make sense? The Dead played for free, I assume, but how much could you charge for an afternoon show at the Student Union in 1978? A buck? Was a hat passed around? What kind of hat? Did the hat come back? Sometimes, you pass a hat around and it does not come back: you are out the money that had been collected and a hat. Better to pass a basket or a small bucket. Best thing to pass around would be a tambourine because if someone tried to steal that, you would hear the theft occurring.


God bless you.

Please get back to the point at hand.

The point is that I know nothing. I could elaborate on my ignorance.

You’re good at that.

I’m an American: it’s our thing.


As usual, the interesting question isn’t “why,” but “how.” Although, “why” is actually pretty interesting in this case, too. “Who,” when,” and “where” are all covered: that part of the story needs no further investigation. We should, as with most Dead stories, add a third question: Really? That’s actually how I imagine most people reacted the first time they heard one of, say, Billy’s more ribald tales:




There wasn’t money involved (hence Billy’s no-show), but someone got paid. The promoter of this show was either Garcia’s Chicago dealer or Bobby’s Chicago girlfriend.

Also: Mickey has become cocaine. Like a golem, but instead of clay, cocaine.