More For Us

by thoughtsonthedead

Those of you preferring a headspace where tickets were six dollars, and you bought them in cash from the local record store, and Carter was President (maybe not the last one), can dive into 7/17/76 from the six-night Orpheum run that marked their return to the Bay Area after the Hiatus. (What the hell was the Orpheum Theater?)

1976 was an ephemeral year: they have no idea what they sound like anymore and try on new riffs and rhythms like a teenager trying on personalities. The end of Eyes from this show, for example, turns into a Latin-flavored samba with Keith holding down the groove as the rest of the band circled around him. Plus, a highlight Comes A Time>The Other One that threatens to turn into a Mind Left Body Jam but never quite gets up the courage.

If you don’t trust my recommendations by now, then know that this one is a Mr. Completely special, and his recommendations are far more informed than Netflix’s algorithms. (Why would you think I wanted to watch the 90210 reboot, Netflix?)