Youth And Young Bobhood

by thoughtsonthedead

bobby feet john mayer mean mug

Bobby just took his sandals off and this photo shows the exact moment the smell hit John Mayer’s nostrils.


John Mayer looks like the guy who stands behind the main guy who threatens people in movies and helps.

“You got two days to get me dat money.”

“Two days.”


“…Like I was saying, Phil and I had wandered out to a small clearing and built a revel fire. We stripped down and gave each other the ritual massages, but as we talked about baseball the entire time, it wasn’t gay. Then, from above, there was a great light and a bright roar and all that had before been black shone like the headlights on Jesus’ Camaro.

“It was aliens! Or so Phil said. Admittedly, Phil sees alien involvement in many places it turns out to not exist; for a good decade, he had a pet theory about Rigellians building the Washington Monument. This time, though, he was right. It was their ship and it was whirring and beeping and whooshing: all the alien bullshit you’d expect. I cried out:


“And they couldn’t hear me because the aliens were actually Mickey in a stolen helicopter. Turns out those things are real easy to fly. Plus, you know: the downdraft of the chopper spread the revel fire into the surrounding brush and started a pretty large fire. The fighting of which was hampered by the fact that Mickey had stolen the helicopter used for fighting fire.

“Kind of a loser of an evening all around.”


Bobby’s a latecomer to Dead Shirt Wearin’, but he’s picked it up quickly.


Potato salad.