This Is All A Dream I Blogged: Chapter The Rest Of It

by thoughtsonthedead

  • Mrs. Donna Jean refers to rehearsal as “Grateful Dead practice” and that is marvelous.
  • This is probably not a new interview with Brent.
  • Phil and Bobby respond to Garcia’s coma by firing Dennis McNally. I wouldn’t be accused of bragging or lying if I said my imagination was pretty good, would I? Because I can’t even begin to figure out what the thought process on that one was.
  • When Garcia had the run at the Lunt-Fontanne in ’87, they made him do matinees like it was a Broadway musical? You truly do not fuck with the theatrical unions in New York.
  • Also most likely not a new interview with Tom Davis.
  • If you asked anyone who knew anything about the Grateful Dead to describe the worst way they could make a record, it would be the exact same way that the Dead made Built to Last: one at a time, piece by piece, and to a click track.
  • “We should make this record the same way Def Leppard makes theirs.”
  • “Okay.”
  • Regarding Victim or the Crime, Phil says this: “I don’t quite understand why Bob feels he has to sing this song…”
  • Phil’s not mad; he’s just disappointed.
  • Also a little mad.
  • It wasn’t Vince’s fault.
  • It was a little his fault.
  • Bralove says that Garcia told him to take the B-3 sound out of Vince’s keyboard, which is so fucking sad.
  • The Dead lost money on the European tour in Europe; not accidentally, because of a force majeure or act of god – they lost money on purpose. Someone who is not named but is Billy insisted on something called “the Maharajah Suite” at one of the hotels, and you can either make money or you can stay in the Maharajah Suite, but you can’t do both.
  • I won’t give away the details, because you need to buy This Is All A Dream We Dreamed by Blair Jackson & David Gans, but when the Dead went to the in-ear monitors, they were each able to control their mix, and everyone was ignoring the same two people.
  • They are the people you’re thinking of; the obvious answer is the correct answer on this blind item.
  • Bobby smoked a doobie with Woody Harrelson in the Vice-President’s house.
  • Book good.
  • Buy book.
  • Good buy.