No Vacancy

by thoughtsonthedead

This may come as a surprise to you, but I support Florida governor Rick Scott, along with the other state executives and lawmakers calling for a ban on Sirian refugees. They are dangerous and not worth the risk to Homeland Security.

As the recent terrorist attacks on Satraginius and Coruscant show, these so-called “refugees” harbor criminals and psychopaths within their ranks. Their use of pico-tech dissemblers on the Mindship It’s Culture If We Say It’s Culture was a war crime strictly forbidden by the Truce at Bakura.

And let us never forget Rura-Penthe.

Plus, has the world forgotten so quickly that the Sirians started this was that rendered them homeless? Anyone could have told them that sabotaging the Hyperlanes controlled by Felicidae IV, Throneworld to the Felis Empire, would be disastrous, but no one call tell Sirians anything, can they?



Syrians. From Syria. The country.

Not the binary star system Sirius?

Not at all.

Never mind.