by thoughtsonthedead

Hey, Bill Walton. Whatcha doing?

“Being excited about life and living it to the fullest!”

I know, right? You’re the best.

“Well, thanks. I’m excited to be in China! I packed my most formal tie-dyes!”

You do you, Bill Walton. Where are you?


Right. Specifically, I meant.

“This is Shanghai. It is amazing! World-class city. Biggest Chinatown you ever saw: been here a week and haven’t gotten out of it.”

Sure. Question: what is that surrounding the buildings behind you?

“Oh, it’s funny you mention that. I need a new translator because he keeps telling me that’s air, and then I tell him that air doesn’t make you dirty, and then he threatens me in Cantonese. It is not an ideal working relationship.”

Do people actually breathe that?

“Most of them choose to filter the air through a lit cigarette. Big smokers, the Chinese.”