When I Find Myself In Times Of Trouble, Katy Perry Comes To Me

by thoughtsonthedead

The world is terrible, but this Katy Perry is adorable.

katy perry chicago kidThe world is terrible, but Commentor-whose-name-almost-rhymes Joni Begonia’s mom is adorable. (Joni was nice enough to send us this family photo of a charity event Bobby came and pitched in at. Sadly, “Weir-do” is what the bullies back in school used to call Bobby, and in the above photo, you can see have him having PTSD.)

The world is terrible, but it’s not entirely terrible. There is charity, and polite rock stars. There are loyal dogs and brave hearts. There are pretty pop stars being nice to children, and creepy bald dudes leering at them. There will be more shows; there will always be more shows; with different bands, different crowds, same show.