Swastikas Worse Than A Poop Swastika

by thoughtsonthedead

  • A blood swastika is a worse swastika than a poop swastika, but it is a much better name for a band.
  • Swastika made up of tiny swastikas.
  • One of those seeing-eye trick photo swastikas, because I can’t see the hidden image and it angers me.
  • Marching band in the formation of a swastika would be much worse than a poop swastika because of all the people involved and the time needed: someone should have spoken up; the symbol of hate made out of doody was a spur of the moment thing, I figure.
  • If you used bottles of red wine costing five figures to draw a swastika, that would also be worse because of the wasteful nature, but it also might be art.
  • If you paint a swastika on the bathroom wall of a Midwestern state school with the tears Christ wept while He died on the cross for you, then that would be bad. You would go to Hell for that. I don’t believe in Hell, but I believe you would go to Hell for that, and I support the decision.
  • I don’t know where you’d get the tears of Christ: the Dark Net, maybe.
  • Puppies. (Please do not make swastikas out of puppies.)
  • Kitties. (Ditto.)
  • Zombie swastika. (I don’t know what this means.)