Def Jam

by thoughtsonthedead

Last thing about last night’s Midnight North show attended by BotD (actual text he sent me: “WTF I just got slammed into by a spinner”): the show was streamed live on YouTube; I played it on my big-screen just as I did the Amex/Brett Ratner/Robin Hood/Activia Yogurt/Dead & Company webcast the night before, despite the show taking place in a small Brooklyn bar instead of MSG.

As it turns out, quality is the biggest budgetary mover. The Midnight north show was 480p, and the sound was pretty good; Dead & Company was HD with 5.1 sound, not to mention interactive functions.

You got Otto the Bus Driver and about ten grand worth of pro-sumer gear and you’re in business in Brooklyn:

If you want to see every line in Bobby’s face, though, you’re going to need a bit more equipment:

deadandco bacjstage cameras