New York State Of Mind Left Body Jam

by thoughtsonthedead

deadandco jerry back
“I always dug New York, man. When you don’t live in New York, but you’re here a lot, it becomes this alternate reality, y’know? There’s your New York clothes and your New York friends and your New York house. Well, your New York apartment, right?

“Was it ’67? Was that our first time here? Used to be a lot rougher, man: Bobby got mugged pretty much while he was still on the plane. People still get mugged?”

Not in Manhattan.

“And I liked it. Scared me at first, right? Now, California lives up to some of its stereotypes, but others are kinda hokey and glib, right? Sure there’s a laidback vibe, but I grew up in a working-class kinda neighborhood. There was an edge to life.

“But nothing like here, man. You know what I loved most about New York?”


“Running into people. That’s the point of the place, I figure: for people to run into one another. You would go out for a cup of coffee and meet a guy from Osaka who builds bird cages, y’know? A down-on-her-luck countess, maybe. Your afternoon could always zag.”

Yeah. We gotta go, man.

“I’m getting a pretzel.”

You’ve had two already.

“Who are you, the pope of pretzels?”

Excellent point.

“Don’t question me so much.”