Missed The Point Of View

by thoughtsonthedead

On the Amex Unstaged© webcast, you can switch between three views: the Director’s cam, which is full of close-ups and Brett Ratner sleazing over mostly attractive women in the crowd; the Drummer cam; and the Spider cam, which is that mobile robot camera suspended over the crowd.

Quite a few alternate shots were proposed and discarded, though.

  • Bandana cam.
  • Hippie cam. (“We’ll do some of that trippy bullshit Deadheads love.”)
  • Suite cam. (Each suite was to have a camera in it and you could watch rich people do drugs, but it turns out that rich people do not want you to watch them do drugs.)
  • Big Dog cam. (GoPro strapped to one of those military robot Big Dogs.)
  • Big dog cam. (GoPro strapped to a Great Dane.)
  • Big Dig cam. (This is a camera located in 1999 Boston and I don’t know why it was even discussed.)
  • Katy Perry cam.
  • Butt cam. (Just shot after shot of tushees.)
  • Amex cam. (Static image of an American Express card with the music in the background.)
  • Chat cam. (This view features an interactive chat room that runs along the side of the screen; if it existed and I caught any of you there, you would be banned from things.)
  • Pratt cam. (Comic star of stage & screen Chris Pratt speaks earnestly about the Dead and how magical they are/were while unshaven.)
  • Bathroom cam. (Grainy and overlit shot of the men’s room on the South end of the loge; pretty much a fetish video.)
  • Irving Azoff cam. (Same shots as the Director’s cam, but a foot lower.)
  • Hypno cam. (Swirling wheel and soothing music plays as John Mayer’s reassuring voice tells you that it’s what Garcia would have wanted.)