Billy Ranks The Asian Races According To Feistiness, With Hat

by thoughtsonthedead

bill leather jacket hat

Hey, Billy.

“Thoughts on my Ass!”

Oh, good, you remembered my nickname.

“Been a while since we talked. I been busy making money and putting my dick in stuff.”

You’re having a busy year.

“Right? I got, like, three or four bands, buncha different Garcias.”


“Phil’s black now.”


“I wrote a book.”


“Lemme ask you something about Asians.”


“Which of the Asiatic races is the feistiest?”

Chinese are feisty as fuck lately.

“Okay. You vote ‘Chinese.'”

Vote? Why are you keeping track?

“This is my next book. A ranking of the Asians by their levels of feist.”

You have a publisher?

“Got the advance.”

Need a ghost-writer?

“You need to move to Hawaii and I’m not going to pay you.”