A Beard In The Crowd

by thoughtsonthedead

IMG_2599Excuse me.

“Hey now, brother.”

Jam it up your long-dead ass, Garcia. C’mere.

“My name is Bernie Siegelman and I am a Jewish accountant.”

“Ah, damn.”

Let’s go.

“Lemme stay for the first set, man. Kid’s okay. Bobby looks happy.”

This is a bad idea.

“I just bought a big pretzel.”

Those are the best.

“I know, right?”

Just the first set.

“Check out the old neighborhood, so to speak.”



You brought Brent with you, didn’t you?

“Yeah, but he’s in a mascot costume rubbing himself on people, so why don’t you just hang out here with me?”

Can I have some pretzel?

“You can buy your own. This is my pretzel.”