You Can Get With This Or You Can Get With That

by thoughtsonthedead

Reasons to Listen to 10/31/79 instead of Dead & Co, Phil & Fr., Football, or Baseball:

  • Shakedown.
  • Garcia helps Bobby and Phil out with Take A Step Back and he has the saddest, most annoying Junkie Whine you’ve ever heard. It’s tragidorable.
  • I will not say there were no concussions at the Long Island performance from 35 years ago, but there were fewer than at the Packer/Broncos game.
  • If you are racist, then the ’79 is your best bet: there is at least one black guy in the room at both MSG and the Cap, and there are many black men involved in both the baseball and football games.
  • If you are racist, though: you should stop that.
  • Unlike baseball, the 10/31/79 is not like old people sex: very little happens, yet there are always injuries.
  • Do you fear men with large, rectangular heads who yell at people? Then stay away from Peyton Manning and, also, Phil:
  • IMG_2573
  • Our boy Reddy got a big ol’ melon on him, don’t he? Never noticed that before.
  • The ’79 has Brent in his first months trying to impress his new bandmates and ripping shit up on the Fender Rhodes, whereas the baseball game is 1-0 in the fifth (Mets up) and if you cared about the game, your stomach would be in knots and who can deal with that sort of agita on a Sunday night?
  • Sunday funday!
  • It’s the only option that contains a live Garcia.