Exactly Unlike

by thoughtsonthedead

So: let’s say you’re a football fan and have eschewed all Dead-related options tonight to concentrate on what Al Michaels and Chris Colinsworth have to say. First of all, you are a mutant; second of all, you may have seen a commercial for a phone with a stuttering, nigh-on-unintelligible accent rapping over some sort of hippity-hop beat.

The song’s from Lady Leshurr’s new mixtape. I have absolutely no idea what that last sentence means; in fact: I am not sure how to pronounce this human being’s name, as it has been creatively misspelled to death. The song is maybe two and a half minutes; I understand virtually none of it; it could well be the opposite of the Grateful Dead – I keep playing the damn thing.

Brush your teeth with Lady Leshurr: