Ladies Love Him

by thoughtsonthedead

I don’t know why they call it the couch tour: this is exhausting.

If you’ve got any interesting pictures to share, send them to – and here’s a bunch of pictures from New York and immediately outside New York.

IMG_2536My future ex-sister-in-law Sunshine Becker (née Garcia) is enjoying Philoween. Philoween is just like Halloween, but the Germanic version instead of English, so the masks worn are ones of shame and penance.

IMG_2539Bobby, Billy, Mickey, and their employees at a packed MSG. Picture from Comment Section Winner, St4ve. Or Tom? It was a human adult, I know that. Identify yourself and claim your hosannas.


The above shot is from Brown-Eyed Women with Y0ung John Mayer on vocals and was sent in by either the same commentor, or a different one. One of those. Again: identify yourself, dammit.

In fact, I now officially accuse whomever took these photos of doing it just to confuse me.


Something to do.

Yeah, sure.

Another pic from the great Gary “Legs” Lambert, co-host of Tales from the Golden Road on SiriusXM, who is like many at both shows tonight keeping both ears on the show, but one eye on the score.

llcooljpantherThis is the cover for LL Cool J’s album Walking with a Panther. He has eschewed metaphor.