by thoughtsonthedead


TotD is making the ruling: it’s a scarf with sleeves. Maybe a flannel kimono. Although–from the little chi-chi balls on the bottom–it could also be a throw rug.

To come out with it: I don’t know how much I’ll be writing about the Dead Or What’s Left Of ‘Em. Maybe I’ll live-blog every show; maybe I’ll fulfill my dreams and turn this place into Thoughts on the New York Dolls (“They were okay, I suppose.”)

Feel free to make yourselves heard in the Comment Section, but do keep in mind that this is not a democracy.

Tonight, though, will be Dead & Company free, but here’s a review from the New York Times, and an article with videos from the Wall Street Journal. Other people wrote about it, but I am a snob and do not care what the local Albanian paper thinks.