Read Between The Times

by thoughtsonthedead

Asked if he might run into his band mates during their overlapping New York stops, Mr. Lesh said: “Absolutely not. I am so busy.”

The above is a quote from Joe Coscarelli’s article in the Times about this two-Christmas/Child-of-divorce thing Enthusiasts are going through now. It’s actually not the original quote, though. Phil called back after the interview and asked that Coscarelli use a different quote. Then, Phil called back ten minutes later and asked that Coscarelli use a third quote; this went on for the better part of a weekend. (Phil gets bored on Sundays.)

Anyway, here are some of the Alternate Phil Quotes from the Times:

  • “Under no circumstances, young whippersnapper.”
  • “With my schedule?”
  • “Fuck Billy.”
  • “Harrumph.”
  • “Well, I never! Associate with those ruffians and their whelp? Ne’er come th’ day! NE’ER!”
  • “Fuck Mickey, too.”
  • “There’s not enough money in the world to make me go to Minneapolis ever again.”
  • “What was with that Baby Hitler shit?”
  • “Little weird kid from down the street keeps stealing my paper, Coscarelli. Can’t prove it; know it’s him. What are you going to do, Coscarelli? How will I be reimbursed? Shall it be through sneaking into your office and making a stool in your desk drawer?”
  • “Fuck Bobby for the moment.”