Assorted Thoughts

by thoughtsonthedead

  • Off Track Betting on the Dead (OTBotD) is setting the Over/Under for set breaks right at an hour, and all action will be taken.
  • This 6/24/88 gets better in the second set, and Bobby Bobbies the fuck out of Estimated. Give it a try.
  • The safety is the best and most exciting play in football: it is worth a weird amount of points, it is signified by a supremely odd referee’s hand signal, and it represents complete failure at all levels PLUS bad luck. Safeties are the unicorns of footballs.
  • Not to double-back on myself, but the full-throated endorsement of 6/24/88 might have been premature and might need to be walked back, as Garcia Garcias the shit out of Crazy Fingers, which is to say ruins it. Stand back, I looked something up: they played Crazy Fingers 144 times: 11 in ’75-’76, and the rest from ’82 on. Of the 133 versions from the 80’s and 90’s, Garcia made it through that tune competently twice.
  • Never start what you can’t finish, that camp counselor who bought me presents and told me I was pretty once said. The Dead. Or what’s left of us.