An Open Letter To Supergirl (The Show, Not The Person)

by thoughtsonthedead

Dear Supergirl, the new hit Monday night drama on CBS,

I like you, Supergirl. Sure, pilot episodes are always terribly laden with dull and clunky exposition (“Y’know, Supergirl, as your sister…”) but this one was decent. I liked the actress playing Supergirl, Melissa Benoist, who has a goofy enthusiasm that nicely separates her from other superheroes, all of whom seem to be brooding nowadays. Callista Flockheart was fun, and the writing was good, and the special effects are the best you can hope for on network TV.

However, Supergirl, if you make me scream “USE YOUR HEAT VISION, DOOFUS,” at the screen for thirty minutes again, I will have to reappraise our relationship.


Thoughts on the Dead