Other Hitlers You May Not Go Back In Time To Kill

by thoughtsonthedead

  • Toddler Hitler.
  • Tween Hitler.
  • Quarter-life Crisis Hitler.
  • Tennis Coach Hitler.
  • Astronaut Hitler.
  • Monkey Hitler. (This could be either the Hitler of monkeys, or the historical Hitler but if he were a gibbon. Either way: you may not go back in time and kill him.)
  • Flopsy Hitler.
  • Mopsy Hitler.
  • Peter Cotton-Hitler.
  • Gay Hitler.
  • Lady Hitler, Jr.
  • MechaHitler. (You probably couldn’t kill MechaHitler.)
  • BatHitler. (Also: damn near impossible to kill BatHitler. In one reality, BatHitler took down SuperChurchill, so you don’t have a shot.)
  • Scuba Hitler.
  • Tuba Hitler.
  • Limited Edition Hitler.
  • Doctor Hitler. (If you are in the hospital, and you hear “Paging Doctor Hitler” on the PA system, then you should have your surgery done somewhere else. That is not a good hospital.)
  • Ragamuffin Hitler.
  • Chimneysweep Hitler.
  • Ha’penny Hitler.
  • Benedict Hitler. (This is objectively worse than Regular Hitler because the Benedict could belong to Arnold, Cumberbatch, or Eggs; none of those things are acceptable.)
  • Dracula Hitler. (This is objectively the worst Hitler.)