Factory Girl

by thoughtsonthedead

bobby natascha tesla

Bobby’s wife, Natasha Monster, has a sister, Lillian Monster, and this sister does many things and has a very energetic life and does it in a rather brunette style and also while wearing boots.

I simply don’t care if this comes across as creepy: the boots are doing it for me.

And then there are brother-in-law Bobby’s fucking ninja toe shoes which, quite frankly, I take as an aggressive move at this point, like smoking a cigar in public or taking your dick out at Foot Locker: you know how uncomfortable it makes everyone, but you’re doing it anyway.

Those are the shoes of a sociopath, Bobby. Stop wearing those.

Also, Bobby: stop wearing ninja toe shoes to a damned auto factory. Look in everyone’s hands – they’re holding the safety glasses all visitors are required to wear. Those goggles cost money, and they’re not going to issue them unless there is a significant chance of leaving without all the eyeballs you came in with. Factories are dangerous as fuck, Bobby: why didn’t you just whole hog it and show up in your flippity-flops?

Goddammit, Bobby.

That tall guy is handsome in a very specific way. His handsome was captain of the water polo team at Lawrenceville, but doesn’t make a thing about it.