Cheese, Cake

by thoughtsonthedead

I posted the photo of this the other day, so obviously all I’d like to discuss is Alex’s comment; here’s the best thing about it: that John Mayer is a cheesedick is not in question, just the size of his cheesedickery. It’s like he’s writing a mathematical proof and gave his axioms upfront.

Also: “L?” Is that acid? That’s a terrible name: L is a letter without any panache to it. X is percussive and sibilant and dangerous; H has a breathy cool to it. L just don’t make it. Plus, if you were an acid dealer and only called it L and wished to sell your product to folks from Japan, that drug deal would be racist.

Also also, were you aware that T dropped yo ass? I was not, but now am.

Also also also, does Young John Mayer love that van that much? Over a guitar, or a replica of one of his many watches? Wow.

Also also also also, that van has herpes.

Also etc., if you Photoshop the table and cakes out, then Bobby and John Mayer are karate-bowing to each other and about to karate-kick one another.