by thoughtsonthedead

The 30 Trips box set arrived at people’s homes around two weeks ago, and all the finer filesharing sites a few days after that; I haven’t seen a comprehensive review of it, possibly because it’s as large as Malaysia and no one’s gotten through the thing yet.

I certainly haven’t, though there’s light at the end of the guitar solo: I only have the ’66, ’86, and the Vince shows minus ’91 to listen to and I’m not going to listen to them.  The box needs another run through to get the scope of it, but I do know one thing – the 80’s Beggers need to put away their bowls.

Forget the performances. I am not talking about the fact that you can audibly hear Garcia burning cigarette holes in his t-shirt, nor Phil’s sporadic presence. The sound of the 80’s shows–supposedly dumped with little attention or care onto a cassette–is barely passable, and this is after some talented people with expensive machines shined and buffed it up. The source tapes are shitty; there’s simply not much that can be done.

If all you have is some rotten panda meat and a bag full of jellybeans, you’re not eating well even if Ferran Adrià shows up and turns the panda into foam and the jellybeans also into foam.