Philling Station

by thoughtsonthedead

The staff at Terrapin Crossroads uses a different system than most restaurants to identify tables: instead of numbers, each table has a picture of Phil; this is how the seating area is identified. These lucky guests sat at Sexy Phil.

Other tables are known as:

  • Fat Phil.
  • Heineken Phil.
  • Beard Phil.
  • Astronaut Phil.
  • Naked Phil. (Drinks only.)
  • Peckish Phil.
  • Revolutionary Phil.
  • Counter-Revolutionary Phil.
  • Ford’s Theater Phil. (This is a picture Phil had taken that shows the climactic moment of John Wilkes Booth’s perfidy and treacherosity with his rageful slaying of the beloved President Lincoln. Phil plays Booth and Lincoln and also Mary Todd and the whole thing is a mess.)
  • Italian Sub Phil. (This table’s shot features Phil eating an Italian sub; the sandwich is delicious-looking and you want to put it inside your face; Phil looks like he is the Heaven of the Mouth. Then, when you try to order the sub, you are told that it is not available and your religion is mocked. It’s an odd business move.)
  • Tushee Phil.
  • Little Red Riding Phil.
  • Big Bad Phil.
  • The Three Little Phils. (Just to nip this in the bud: one of the dining rooms at TXR is fairy tale-themed and all the photos are colorful and campy interpretations of the stories starring Phil and shot by David LaChapelle. People ask not to be sat in there.)
  • Boisterous Phil.
  • Obstreperous Phil.
  • Mackadocious Phil.
  • Jejune Phil.
  • Silly Phil.

Photo provided by commentor Buck Mulligan who, if we’re honest, is the winner of the Comment Section. It may in fact be mathematically impossible to catch up to him at this point.