Hart Like A Glove

by thoughtsonthedead

You can look here or go straight to Mickey’s Instagram page and scroll through, but I have a theory: Mickey has recently begun controlling his own Instagram account. It’s in the past couple weeks; the clue is the hashtaggery. No young–or even young-ish person–would deploy hashtags in this manner. Here are–and I’m not kidding, you can go check–some that have appeared under Mickey’s photos recently:


And, of course:


Before this, his pics had normal, human hashtags on them or none at all. Someone–and I am betting it was John Mayer–taught Mickey “how to work the Instagram” and Mickey was both not paying attention and deaf, so he didn’t quite get all of the details of the hashbrowns or whatever, but now he’s in control of the feed and the intern has nothing to do.

ps The white gloves are for later when Mickey will thoroughly inspect all the barracks.

pps The Dead and their employees are living in barracks while preparing for the tour: I should have told you.

ppps “I’ve got a heart like a glove” is a good first line to an song, but a terrible chorus.