The Button-Down Mind Of Jerry Garcia

by thoughtsonthedead

band 710 alt shot
Hey Garcia. Humid?


You look like someone rubbed a balloon on you.

” I is what I is, man. You got this hang up on appearances. Stop lingering on the surface and try to delve a little deeper. Get a bit of the human condition, right? You’re a writer, right?”




“Seriously, man: no matter how many jokes about haircuts you make, it doesn’t add up to the Great American Novel.”

I also enjoy making fun of your clothes.

“Okay, man.”

All right, all right, okay: deeper. Get into your head?

“Yeah, man. there’s a universe in there – more neurons than there are stars, that whole bit.”

Fine. I will now get into your head.

“If you can.”

You’d like to get out of the sun and you want some Persian.

“Okay, yeah, but generally there’s more going on.”

Sure. Garcia?


I like how you hang your effects pedals up like you hunted them in the forest and stuffed and mounted them.

“Y’know, you’re a goddamned weirdo, sometimes.”


“Okay, try Mickey. What’s Mickey thinking about?”


“Yeah, okay.”