Ratner? Hardly Even Know ‘Er

by thoughtsonthedead

brett hpoker
Hey, Brett Ratner who now has something to do with the Dead for some reason.

“Hey hey! Look at this giant shiksa.”

She is very pretty and gentile.

“We look good together.”

You look like a rich fat guy and she looks like she enjoys receiving presents.

“That’s what I meant.”



Can we talk like mishbuchah?

“Hit me, my Hebro.”

Your skull is anti-semitic.


Everything above your shoulders looks like the cover art for The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

“Lot of people tell me I look Italian.”

Well, you look like you’re under indictment, but not Italian.

“Lot of people say this.”

They want things from you.


Yes: you look like Jackie Mason’s asshole after he eats dairy.