Long Distance Waverunner

by thoughtsonthedead

bobby jetski
Hey, Bobby. Whatcha doing?

“Enjoying a jet-ski, following the rules of water safety, ordering two more Mai-Tais.”

Not giving the peace sign?

“If I was at work, then sure. But on vacation, Mai-Tais.”


Please don’t say–

“Mai-Tais and tittyfucking.”

–Mai-tais and tittyfucking. You do realize how odd it is that that’s your definition of vacation.

“Some poor bastards get to take the wife and kids to EPCOT.”

Your thing is better.

“Sure, yeah.”

Is that Woody Harrelson?

“Wondering when you were gonna notice.”

How’d you two meet?

“I was, uh, a big fan of the Cheers show. And, um, Woody is a Deadhead.”

This is a great story, Bob.

“And we did a show. In, um, LA? San Diego? Southern California for sure. And he came backstage and we kinda hit it off, y’know?”

You should tell that anecdote on talk shows.

“Why would you think it would be more interesting than that?”

You have a point.

“Oh, yeah.”

Woody have good weed?

“Holy…man, I’m a Grateful Dead and his stuff just knocked me over.”

Good to hear.