Little Too Much Perspective

by thoughtsonthedead

band 84 phil NASA shirt huge
Hey, Enthusiasts?

Wanna win the Deadhead game? Make this your desktop. It’s an enormous picture and would fit most screens.

Sure, other people have Dead wallpaper on their screens, but it’s always Baron Wolman’s shots or the Boys (and Mrs. Donna Jean) bundled up and free of charge at Lindley. This desktop, however, proves your cred.

You gotta really like the Dead to look at this picture every day. I don’t think the family members of the people in the shot want to look at this every day: fat Phil, sad Garcia; then you look at the rainbow behind them.

Is that a child’s skeleton? The one on the right, that’s tiny and cute? What the fuck, Grateful Dead? I’m getting to the bottom of this.

Precarious Lee?


Did you have anything to do with the backdrop?

“Painted the fucker myself.”

Of course you did. Is that just a bad job with perspective or–

“Dead kid.”

–is that a…dammit, man: why?

“You know, man: pot of gold, rainbow, dead kid.”

That third thing doesn’t belong.

“Might’ve been a little fucked up at the time.”

Well, yeah.

“Looking at this photograph, I do have regrets.”


“I wish there had been more road cases to leave strewn around the stage.”


“Y’got that big one by Brent, but there’s so much more space to fill.”

The band’s filling it.

“Hey, man: band does their job; road crew does ours.”

That sounds like an efficient way to run an organization.

“Haven’t missed a show yet.”

Give ya that.