My Other Car Is A Wall

by thoughtsonthedead

Longtime leading light of the Comment Section and survivor of a childhood spent with an unpropitious last name, St4ve (Stev4e? 1-900-420-STVE?*) has made up some incredible bumper stickers for the Wall’s presidential run; ask him real nice in the comments and he’ll surely send you one.

And here’s something you didn’t know: Steve’s also some sort of Hollywood big shot, and you can watch his film Dreadheads: Portrait of a Subculture right here. It’s got all sorts of interviews and the ending, where Bobby is forced to use Drunken Tickling style to escape from the Hostility Suite, is the greatest fight sequence ever put on film.



There are no martial arts of any kind.

I thought it was a movie.



*Are there still 900 numbers?